I write in different places now. Only because I need the privacy. I still feel people do not understand.

It is ok.

Almost two years since my husband passed. Holidays are upon me. Tough times. Six years since the loss of my grandson.

I miss them.

I will gather with my family for Thanksgiving. So looking forward.


Birthday Wishes.

My beautiful, one and only daughter was born on this day in 1980. Cinderella.

She was a sweet wonderful child. She is a caring mother and excellent wife.

Thirty-five years ago she was a gift to my husband and I.

She is still a gift today.



Permission to Heal.

I held back so much. The grief tends to screw with you. Should I feel worse about this or that?

The truth. I feel so bad about it all.

Plain and simple.

Simple yes,  I want it back.

Permission yes, tomorrow is a another day. I found a quote.


My big, red dog Lucie.

This is all I have to say about this.

pics2 150

Kicking It With My Crew.

I had the best Labor Day ever. Me and a good friend whom I practically raised from childhood took off in a awesome rental car. Nissan Altima, push button start, rear-view camera and total lux.

Since she is new to my bloggie world she will receive a bloggie name. Everybody does. Just ask Lady Red.

Dfam. Daughter from another mother. What? She is.

We arrived at Lady Red’s home to food, awesome accommodations and a pool at our disposal. The food, holy cow the food. I will stop now.

Ok, get ready for it. This is the best part. Lady Red took us to a lake and we cruised in a steamboat for an hour and a half. It was nostalgic, it was heaven, it was a uplifting.

Yes, we are the crew.






That drink was beyond awesome.

The Stuff in my Head.

So you know you are are a complete and utter nerd when you get excited because astronaut Mark Kelly, entrepreneur from Shark Tank Kevin O’Leary and Green Bay Packer Aaron Rodgers are on Jeopardy!

I can not help it, I am a trivia nut. Moreover, these are three impressive people. The show was fun and for charity.

Final Jeopardy! completely cracked me up. The answer.

“These two American businessmen are seen

here in early 20th century photos.”


Mark Kelly answered, “The Wright Brothers.” Wrong. Those are certainly not airplanes. Kevin O’Leary the same answer. Wrong again. Aaron Rodgers answered, “Alwyn Ernst and Arthur Young.” Wrong. Huh?

I got it right.

“Who was Harley and Davidson.” The motorcycles gave it away.

No, I do not have a pocket protector.

August and Moving Forward to September.

August turned out well. This is a big month.

august2Our twins, Fuzzy and Wuzzy came to us on the 13th. E squared. Double the fun. Double the love.


zekecornFor me, I will miss my husband on his 60th birthday. August 14. I spent his 21st birthday with him and all the rest except last year.

Still. Moving on towards September and more birthdays.

sept3XOXOXOXO Happy Birthday Baby! Love you, Miss you



Tonight is the second night of rain in my city. Love it. Starting with thunder and lightning. Changing to soft rain.

We had a discussion at work about weather and the rain last night. Some thought it was freaky. Some thought it was a nuisance. Some, like me enjoyed the break from the heat.

I am happy my plants will get a real drink from the sky.

We talked about how our dogs do not like to go out in the rain. Glad to know I do not have the only dog that is a rain chicken.

8-152 003


It never stops moving forward. That is as it should be.

I am trying to use my time wisely. Art makes me happy. I am definintly by far not the best, but I love the expression.

I recently started a chalkboard calendar. It makes me happy. It makes me look forward. It makes me get up and find a reason to live.

Every month I hope to create something better. If I do not, well ok. I still tried.

My first month. JULY 2015

calendarPerfect, not by a long shot. The fun is in improvement. Oh yes, I will.


Looking good.

Once Again, Awhile.

I am spending time in a different place. Somewhere I am not willing to share at this time. I only need this for my own well being.

My life is good. I have my family, my friends and my work.

I am looking forward to birthday parties, girl’s night out and a possible lake trip with my most cherished family.

I am living. This is why.

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